Peter's Priorities

As your state senator, Peter Courtney's been hard at work, leading the way to make Oregon a better place.

Peter led the successful fight to:     

  • Create the first-ever dedicated funding source for mental health programs.
  • Provide a historic reinvestment in funding for Oregon’s K-12 schools to lower class sizes.
  • Protect children from sex offenders by requiring background checks for people who apply for jobs supervising children.
  • Help small businesses grow by increasing access to loans and capital.
  • Hold insurance companies accountable for dealing with families and small businesses fairly.
  • Support Oregon farmers by protecting our land use system and encouraging "Buy Local".
  • Eliminate wasteful programs in order to protect taxpayer dollars.

Peter will continue to fight for:

  • Family wage jobs across Oregon.
  • Affordable health care for Oregonians, including kids and seniors.
  • Stable and adequate funding for schools, including head start, K-12, and higher education.
  • Safer communities for our families.
  • Making state government more accountable, efficient, and effective, finding ways to get more out of our tax dollars.
  • Clean water and protecting the Willamette River.

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