Peter's Priorities

As your state senator, Peter Courtney's been hard at work, leading the way to make Oregon a better place.

Peter led the successful fight to:     

  • Create the first-ever dedicated funding source for mental health programs.
  • Provide a historic reinvestment in funding for Oregon’s K-12 schools to lower class sizes.
  • Protect children from sex offenders by requiring background checks for people who apply for jobs supervising children.
  • Help small businesses grow by increasing access to loans and capital.
  • Hold insurance companies accountable for dealing with families and small businesses fairly.
  • Support Oregon farmers by protecting our land use system and encouraging "Buy Local".
  • Eliminate wasteful programs in order to protect taxpayer dollars.

But there is still more to do!

Education: Peter Courtney fights for every student. At every level.

Education is the key to the future — not just for students, but for all of us. It is the foundation of our economy and the center of our communities. It provides the workforce that we need to compete and creates the citizens of tomorrow.

That is why Peter Courtney fights so hard for every level of education, from preschool through launching a good career. After years of schools struggling, Peter increased K-12 schoolfunding by nearly $1 billion. Now schools in our community and across the state are hiring good teachers, lowering class sizes and restoring lost school days.

Peter led the way to increase access to free community college for Oregon students — one of the most important pathways to higher education and for those looking to improve or change their careers. That makes it easier for Oregonians to get a degree without crippling student debt.

Peter also understands that if we are to create and compete for the jobs of the 21st Century, we need a well-trained
workforce. That’s why he strengthened career and technical education in partnership with our local high schools.

Education is the door to opportunity. Peter Courtney has opened that door wider, for everyone.


Healthcare: Nobody has done more to deliver health coverage to more Oregonians.

Peter passed a law to make sure that every Oregon child has coverage to see a doctor when they are sick.

He expanded Medicaid so that 94% of Oregonians have health insurance coverage – the highest level in Oregon history.

Peter delivered funding for the Knight Cancer Research Center– a state-of-the art center at OHSU that will develop new treatments and a better understanding of cancer, perhaps one day even finding a cure.

He also led the charge to rebuild the State Hospital and improve mental health care services in Oregon, including school and community-based services.

And to help control the rising cost of prescription drugs, Peter passed a law requiring drug companies to disclose big price increases, the profits they make from the drug, and the generic alternatives available.


Working Families: When you work hard for a living, it’s nice to have someone like  Peter Courtney on your side.

Peter Courtney knows that Oregonians work incredibly hard to support their families, put food on the table, and keep a roof over their heads. He also believes that hard work should result in more than just barely getting by: it should enable you to get ahead. While it seems the rest of the country is paralyzed by partisan infighting, Peter Courtney brings people together to make progress for hard-working Oregonians.


Increased the Minimum Wage

Peter helped increase Oregon’s minimum wage and has protected it against repeated attacks.

Paid Sick Leave

Peter voted to guarantee paid sick leave, so workers are able to stay at home and care for themselves when they are sick.

Affordable Housing

He helped pass a law to increase funding for affordable housing, delivered millions to help people struggling with homelessness, and created a fund to help first-time home buyers save for a down payment.

Building Opportunity

Because he knows that education and strong job skills are the foundation of the ability to succeed, Peter added nearly $1 billion in additional K-12 funding in the last session, improved affordability and access for community colleges, and made historic investments in career and technical education



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