Leading the Way to Make Oregon A Better Place

Peter knows that being an Oregonian means something special, and he has been the leader on some of the most historic achievements that have made our state a better place to live. He wrote Oregon's Amber Alert law and helped create the program that allows seniors to stay in their homes as they age. He led the fight to clean up the Willamette River and helped make Oregon a national leader in cancer research at OHSU.

When it comes to protecting everyday Oregonians, no one fights harder for us than Peter. He wrote the bill to stop the abuse and neglect of children, wrote the law that created the sex offender registry, and he voted to lower the price of prescription drugs for our seniors. Now he is fighting to make our communities safer, ensure all Oregonians have access to affordable health care, and protect education while expanding access to college.

Peter Courtney stands up for people, especially when they need it most. That’s why under Peter’s leadership as Senate President, Oregon has passed some of the nation’s most progressive laws and policies. Here are just a few examples:

Affordable Health Care
Peter Courtney expanded health coverage so that 94% of Oregonians now have access to affordable care – and all children can visit a doctor. He voted to make prescription drugs more affordable and passed a law requiring drug companies to disclose big pricincreases, the profits they make from the drug, and the generic alternatives available.

Standing Up for Women
Peter voted to require insurance companies to provide coverage for birth control and reproductive health. And under his leadership, Oregon has enacted some of the country’s strongest equal pay laws.

Prioritizing Education
Peter understands that a good education is the foundation of opportunity and a strong economy. That’s why he increased K-12 school funding by nearly $1 billion, helping rehire teachers, lower class sizes, and protect the school year. He also increased access to free community college for Oregon students and supported career and technical education in partnership with our local high schools.

Defending Working Families
Peter helped increase Oregon’s minimum wage and has protected it against repeated attacks. He voted to guarantee paid sick leave, so workers are able to stay at home and care for themselves when they are sick. And Peter increased funding for affordable housing, delivered millions of dollars to help people struggling with homelessness, and created a fund to help first-time home buyers save for a down payment.


Peter will continue to work on his constituents' top priorities by fighting for:

  • Family-wage jobs across Oregon.
  • Stable and adequate funding for schools.
  • Funding for services that protect vulnerable Oregonians.
  • Safer communities for our families.